Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, …

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. *

When I observe my two-year-old daughter, it happened to her several times a day that she is so astonished, surprised and happy that she shouts it out loud because otherwise she hardly can breathe in that wonderful moment. In opposite to that, I need to sit down and think before I recall such a beautiful moment in my live. Fortunately, after some time I remember it.

I realized when I people grow older, they less and less let themselves be surprised by a moment. They probably try to defend themselves from bad surprise. Maybe they had too many of them in their life. They tend to try not to be surprised any more in the same way as they were as a child.

Me too. I do not want this bad surprise any more. So, I try to stay calm and thing:  „I knew it! … It’s normal! … Nothing special! … That’s life! And this definitely helps to survive. But it also makes every special and beautiful moment in your life normal and nothing special.

As I’m sitting down to write this article and thing about the special moments in my last week I find quite some very nice moments that took away my breath. Here are some impressions …

A beautiful spring day with my wife …


… a good time with some good friends in the black forest …


… a concert of Philippe Poisel and band my wife and I where invited to. Thank you Fabian! It was incredible!

[wpvideo 0tnkqQEI]

… and of cause the job that I do: watches. My new once: Caliber SC100 …


[wpvideo ABFrR2ij]

… and vintage watch restauration: in this case a Glashutte school pocket watch from 1915


[wpvideo 5RXNm0s2]


What takes your breath away?


Steffen Cornehl


* Variously attributed to Vicki Corona, Philip James Bailey, George Carlin, Kevin Bisch, Will Smith, Hilary Cooper, Maya Angelou

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