Focus is the new IQ

In a fast-moving world, where everything must be quick, efficient and cheap, we are used to do different things at the same time, communicating to different people in different channels about different topics and trying to concentrate on many things at the same time. We try to be omnipresent in order to not missing out […]

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I love the smell …

… of new opportunities in the morning! It’s a new morning and it’s great to wake up and know: It’s up to me how I use this brand new day. Ok, sure! We all have a lot of obligations that keep us busy and make us thinking our life is remote controlled. But when you […]

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Truth and Time

Truth is very precious, right? If you found something true, keep it, protect it! But being thrifty or frugal with truth would lead me to lie most of the time. That brings me to a dilemma: Should I rather keep something or being generous with it? Should I keep the truth that I found or […]

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Crazy about time

Steffen Cornehl repairs and restores antique  mechanical watches for more than 20 years now. Big historical watches in museums in St. Petersburg and small disctintive pocket watches and wrist watches, that are very dear to their owners. As a watchmaker Steffen is fascinated by the old masters in watchmaking and how they have perfected their […]

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