Crazy about time

Steffen Cornehl repairs and restores antique  mechanical watches for more than 20 years now. Big historical watches in museums in St. Petersburg and small disctintive pocket watches and wrist watches, that are very dear to their owners.

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As a watchmaker Steffen is fascinated by the old masters in watchmaking and how they have perfected their crafts over centuries. With these experiences and with the knowledge about the innovations from the past, the passion awoke in Steffen to create something completely new with his very own hands, to work creatively  and thereby rediscover and further develop the old craftsmanship. In 2000, his very first own precision pendulum clock was built and now for the first time, Steffen presents his collection of wrist watches. As a fruit of creative restlessness.

Steffen & Ulrike Cornehl


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